1. PUP Development. This includes the polishing and full-integration of features. Pure Pound is directed to facilitate faster transactions using the CHTT derivative of the POUND Protocol. This also allows for off-line transfers using 2G network, bluetooth, NFC, and WiFi-Direct;

  2. PUP Stability. Development, speed, and scalability are three areas where PUP needs to thrive to become a digital asset;

  3. Dominance. There is a need for PUP to expand in prime markets to sustain its personal development as a competitive currency;

  4. Decentralization. The need to distribute coins, mining operations, and decision-making are the three key-points needed to ensure unbiased development of PUP thereby maintaining its competitive advantage;

  5. Liquidity. The release of desktop wallets in Windows and Mac systems along-side the mobile application on the Android and iOS platforms is seen to increase the community behind PUP, attracting other investors in the process;

  6. Exchanges and Trading Portals. To become a truly global cryptocurrency, the community must assert for the establishment of Virtual Currency Exchanges (VCEs) and Trading Portals (TPs) to provide an efficient venue for exchanging PUP units to fiats, other cryptocurrencies, products, services, and other commodities;

  7. Distributed Coins. The PUP Foundation will ensure fair distribution of PUP units to target organizations (TOs). This mechanism will infuse capital to TOs which is seen to spark their businesses allowing them to generate jobs for the community where they operate;

  8. Sales. The PUP Cooperative will fully integrate the payment system and e-commerce set-up to help TOs achieve business growth, resultive

  9. Marketing. To sustain growth and development, the PUP Community must organize a dedicated channel to facilitate advertisement of products from its TOs. This method is seen to produce self-sustaining SMEs in the community;

  10. Innovation. For PUP to become a truly global currency of the future, the PUP Community must preserve its competitive advantage by opening doors for steady development anchored on competitive ideas and technological innovation;

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