What started as a hobbyist project in a garage turned out to be as one of the most promising financial technology innovation in the world. Pure Pound aims to address the common problems that hinder existing cryptocurrencies in an attempt to become a true partner of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the IOT.

Pure Pound allows seamless transaction between two devices even without the use of internet. The unique transfer mechanism of PUP allows for the use of QR Codes or NFC-enabled devices to process payments and/or store value. For instance, you can load your own PUP Cryptocard without the need for third-party establishments - or load another mobile phone conveniently.

PUP is the only cryptocurrency in the world that caters fund transfer via a 2G network connection. Using its proprietary system of Off-line Protocol Transfer (OPT) it allows for instantaneous transaction between various parties in areas where 3G signal is scarce. Using 2G technology and offline payment transfers, PUP is positioned as a true global solution for payments.

Pure Pound coin derivatives are the only cryptocurrency in the world backed by a physical commodity. This makes PUP superior to any other existing coin in the market. A physical back-up means stability in prices and immunity to market bubble. With this, Pure Pound also trumps any other fiat in existence. Truly, innovations by PUP  elevates the standard of finance in this era.

PUP recognizes the importance of price stability for digital assets traded by third-party supporters. Though the protocol doesn't voluntarily support trading as PUP is a peer to peer remittance system by nature, improvements brought by its community are truly revolutionary. A professional brokerage system is in place to ensure security and stability in any given instance.

PUP is hundreds of times faster than conventional payment systems. Imagine this - the standard block-chain protocol can process less than ten transactions per second. PayPal on the other hand does the same at a thousand level. Visa and Mastecard perform ten times faster than PayPal. PUP can process millions of transaction at the same time interval. Truly amazing.

Pure Pound is a unique system that incorporates mobility to its protocol. It provides an avenue to distribute coins to as many diverse people as possible in as many diverse locations as possible. Using mobile phones, users can send transactions, while perform mining at the same time. This provides an efficient solution in providing incomes to developing communities. 

For a cryptocurrency to be truly revolutionary, it must employ ease of use with the sophistication and security of modern technology. PUP is easily understandable, efficient in bandwidth, champion in terms of speed, and can run on any consumer computer or mobile. Plus, consider the consumer education roadshow that the community organizes to empower communities.

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