The Pure Pound Cryptocard is a unique innovation to promote the usage of PUP in emerging markets. In partnership with Purewealth's URS, the South-East Asia's leading data-mining company, the PUP community was able to integrate cryptocurrency with data-mining. The customer just needs to take a picture of his receipt, send it to the URS portal, earn points, and convert those points into PUP.


  1. Free PUP units upon purchase of the URS Cryptocard;

  2. Soft Mining: allows you to earn PUP from points generated out from sending pictures of one's personal receipts;

  3. Passive Mining: allows you to earn points out from the people whom you sell the card to. You earn 100% of what they earn;

  4. Guaranteed Earning: unlike hard mining using phones and computers, soft-mining guarantees PUP earning every receipt;

  5. Working System: Many people already benefited from the four-year-old system by Purewealth and URS;


  1. How do I earn from this URS Cryptocard? Answer:

  2. What's in it for me if I buy this URS Cryptocard? Answer:

  3. Aside from receipts, what are the other methods to earn points? Answer:

  4. Is there a detailed explanation on how the URS system works? Answer:

  5. How do I activate my URS Card? Answer:

  6. How do I send receipts and convert them to URS points? Answer:

  7. How to encash my URS points? Answer:

  8. How to earn points from on-line advertising? Answer:


What is the difference between a standard URS Card and a URS Cryptocard? ANSWER: The difference is in the points to PUP conversion. A regular URS card is given a conversion rate of PhP 1.608/point while a URS Cryptocard has a higher rate given at PhP 9.649/point. A URS Cryptocard also contain free PUP units upon purchase.

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